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Staff and Key Emails

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Senior Leaders

Office and Maintenance Staff 

Executive Headteacher: Jagdeep Birdi

Head of School: Laurie Grandy

Deputy Head Teacher: (KS2 and Assessment): Jeremy Barton

Assistant Head Teacher (SENDCo): Nikki Pieniek-Jones

Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS and NQTs): Raine Jarrett-Smith

Assistant Head Teacher (KS1 and Initial Teacher Training): Zoe Barton

Business Operations Manager: Sasha Udaw

Business Operations Manager: Sasha Udaw

Admin Officer: Catherine O’Connor-Brady

Receptionist and Admin Officer:

7.45am - 1.30pm Melissa Richards

12pm-6pm Lydia Arenas

(school office closes at 4.30pm)                 

Site Manager: Chris Shanks

Gardener: Nadia Feiner

 Colville Primary School currently has 16 class groups and they are organised as follows:

Year 6 – Gold M

Class Teacher - Arianna McCallam 

Partner Teacher - Bonita Anderson

Partner Teacher - Mirelle Brou

Targeted Support Teacher - Jeremy Barton

Year 6 – Gold D

Class Teacher –  Millie Diamond 

Partner Teacher - Naomi Sawyer 

Targeted Support Teacher - Jeremy Barton 

Year 5 – Violet P

Class Teacher - Manal Peeran

Partner Teacher – Samuel Lucas

Partner Teacher - Wallid Meahdi

Year 5 – Violet M

Class Teacher - Shayda Memarzadeh 

Higher Level Partner Teacher – Wendy Benfield

Partner Teacher - Hester Comins

Partner Teacher - Georgia Pearson

Year 4 – Indigo P

Class Teacher - Micael Pontes 

Partner Teacher - Shelley Tracey 

Partner Teacher - Chris Broomes

Year 4 – Indigo H

Class Teacher - Camilla Hoare

Graduate Teacher - Mahalia Hudson 

Partner Teacher - Nawel Badji

Year 3 – Blue P

Class TeacherAmelie Pralle

Partner Teacher - Jamal Hope

Partner Teacher - Natalia Zblewska 

Targeted Support Teacher - Zoe Barton

Year 3 – Blue F

Class Teacher - Leah Farrar

Partner Teacher - Denise Daley 

Partner Teacher - Kim Moys 

Targeted Support Teacher - Zoe Barton

Year 2 – Green H

Class TeacherLydia Henley 

Graduate Teacher - Helena Rogers 

Partner Teacher - Katherine Earl

Targeted Support Teacher - Zoe Barton

Year 2 – Green B

Class Teacher  Ioanna Bountouva

Partner Teacher - Ali Fletcher 

Partner Teacher - Alexander Worlding 

Targeted Support Teacher - Zoe Barton

Year 1 – Yellow P

Class Teacher – Monika Pryszczepienko 

Partner Teacher - Najat Charkaoui

Partner Teacher  - Polly Daley 

Literacy Intervention Teachers - Nicola Bridges and Ursula Parvex

Year 1 – Yellow L

Class Teacher  Ellen Lydon

Partner Teacher - Callum Anderson 

Partner Teacher - Edward Hardy 

Partner Teacher - Ismahan Egal

Literacy Intervention Teachers - Nicola Bridges and Ursula Parvex

Reception – Orange N

Class Teacher - Holly Norman 

Early Years Educator - Angela Alves

Early Years Educator Julia Olayemie-Coker

Reception – Orange P

Class Teacher - Celia Platt 

Graduate Teacher - Ashyha Broomes

Partner Teacher - Margaret Lewington

Partner Teacher - Janis Gomez

Nursery – Red

Class Teacher - Maria Llopis Puchol

Early Years Educator – Ausrine Patsilivia

Early Years Educator – Celena Malcolm

Early Years Educator - Chloe Viiligas 

Early Years Educator - Anita Everett

Targeted Support Teacher - Raine Jarrett-Smith

Day Care

Early Years Educator – Janice Dyson

Early Years Educator - Amalia Bempi 

Early Years AssistantSkye Bardill

Early Years Assistant - Louise Akroyd


Non-Class Based Teachers and Specialist Teaching Staff

SENDCos: Nikki Pieniek-Jones and Ursula Parvex

Family Welfare Leader: Amy Herbert

Art Teacher: Amma Gyimah

Computing Teacher: Tom Bolton

French Teacher: Amelie Pralle and Edward Hardy 

Music Teacher: Emma Maier

Violin Teacher: Jamal Hope

Piano Teachers: Ita Murphy and Andrei Iliushkin

Trumpet Teacher: TBC

PE Teacher: Allan Finnett

Counsellor: Tae Catford

Speech and Language Therapist: Annabel Grove

Art Therapist: Hollie Caldecourt

ICT Technician: Omar Weston

Midday Meal Supervisor: Suzanne Lewis

Gardener: Nadia Feiner


Before School Care:

Breakfast Club Assistants: Suzanne Lewis & Polly Daley